Social Connection through technology

COVID – 19 changed the way we socially connected as a community and for many of us culture, family and being together is what kept us grounded and going. Without the face-to-face connection, our hands were forced to go digital – use technology to capture who we are as a community and share with those that we miss, love and need. Presenting… 

O LE UMU – From Samoa to Regional Victoria, Australia.   “When you are here to work for a period on orchards and COVID keeps you here longer than six months – you miss your family and you start to disconnect from what you were raised up in – values, culture – today I am remembering just how much I miss home and just how much harder it is in Samoa – even in preparing food for our families…” (Seasonal Worker – Samoan)

“Born and raised in Australia, knowing where you come from and actually connecting to ones culture is a struggle. For our younger generation, this struggle is real – so it is important to continue to dance and do our best to know it, right here at home…” (Teine Samoa – Shepparton)

“Every day my children are learning in English and speaking it. They love to dance hip hop and do tiktok, but everyday we continue to speak to our children in Samoan and when we have the chance, mentor them in Samoan dance and make them be part of knowing where they come from – it’s important – I don’t want them to forget where they came from and where our hearts lay as parents…” (Mother of Tuaopepe Sisters)