Cultural Safe Space

Point of Difference (POD) Studio is a culturally safe space where our communities can BE. We are open to your community connecting with us to see how you might utilize our safe space for your needs.

Our Workspace enables you to hold meetings with up to 15 people at a time that suits you, whether during business hours or after hours. This space is equipped with a tables & chairs, including computers and whiteboard.

Our Dance Studio which is at the front of shop can be used for dancing, crafting workshops or as a larger community space. This space is equipped with professional glass mirrors for dancing and blackout curtains when the space needs to be transformed into a large meeting space. It can set up to 20 – 30 people in this space. It is also equipped with large conference tables, chairs, and whiteboard.

Our TRUth Telling Studio Room is a special room set up as a recording studio that is equipped with everything one needs to record music, podcasts and create their feels to be shared into the community. It enables up to 4 to 5 artists to be in and recording at the same time or less. This space is always hired separate from the whole studio.