Professional People of Colour & Culture Network - Join Us!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Professional People of Colour and Culture Network Inc. Our network is open to professionals who identify as First Nations Australians, immigrants, and refugees from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our mission is to create a space where People of Colour can thrive and advance their professional capabilities in a challenging workforce that has historically and continues to be discriminatory towards them. We work in partnership with people of colour, government, and non-government sectors to promote the capabilities of people of colour and connect them to advocates, community organisers, and decision-makers to share their expertise and experience.

As a member of our network, you will have access to the following benefits:

· GV PPoCC Awards Event: An annual event that celebrates the achievements of People of Colour in the professional world.

· 2 x per year PPoCC Development Sessions: Two development sessions per year, focused on professional growth and networking opportunities.

· PPoCC Updates: Regular updates on relevant news, events, and initiatives related to People of Colour and culture in the professional world.

· Access to PPoCC Directory: A directory of People of Colour professionals that can be used for networking and professional opportunities.

· Invitations & opportunities to lead conversations and research: Members will have opportunities to lead conversations and research initiatives for People of Colour in regional Victoria.

In addition, other opportunities that may arise from this incorporation include:

· Professional mentoring: Opportunities for members to mentor and be mentored by other professionals in their field.

· Workshops and training: Access to professional development workshops and training programs designed to enhance members’ skills and knowledge.

· Job opportunities: Members may be connected to job opportunities that are relevant to their profession and experience.

· Collaborative projects: Members will have the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals and organisations on projects that advance the capabilities of People of Colour.

Membership fees for the Professional People of Colour and Culture Network Inc are as follows:

· Standard membership: $150 per year

· Premium membership: $250 per year (includes PPoC Welcome Kit and more)

Register your interest in becoming a member by completing the form below.