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KIA ORANA – Welcome!

Experience the beautiful culture of one of the most hidden treasures of the South Pacific.  In our language, learn our stories and learn to say your hips to the rythm of our drums!

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12 Weeks
Skill Level: Beginners
Ages 7 – 18

Mentor Profile

Letuli 'Ree' Smith

Letuli 'Ree' Smith

Letuli (Riri) Smith, Samoa/Cook Island – Cook Island Mentor 2018 & Samoan Mentor 2017

Known as Riri, she loves culture and dance.  She is very passionate about teaching culture and dance because it makes ‘me who I am’.  Second to this love is Rugby and third Make Up.

Riri is a young mother of two and runs her own Make Up business.  Dancing and music keep her grounded.  Riri was born and raised in Samoa but her family have been dancing for years – all dances of the South Pacific.  

Teaching Cook Island was an honor for her this year as she was mentored by Kaukau a local Cook Island brother who worked with her to pick the right music and the rich parts of her culture she ensured she shared through the sway of hips and hand movements.